Wunderbaum Magazine

Denmark's best (and only) magazine fully dedicated to skateboarding. The magazine is a pro-bono operation, all content is generated by volunteurs …

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Magazine, 2009-2013

Elka Regntoej Website

Elka Regntoej is a Danish rainwear company creating colorful and stylish urban outerwear.

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Website, 2014

Mermaid Piss CPH Pro

At Street Machine we did a colab beerlabel with DC for Copenhagen Pro 2012.

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Beer label design, 2012

Jørgen Leth Festival

Theatrical teasers promoting a forthcoming Jørgen Leth Film Festival (2009).

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Title Animation, 2012

Adamsen Elguitarer

I seek to incoporate classic guitar design while still trying to find new ways of making intruments. A never ending quest to come up with new ideas in search of exiting new solutions.

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Instruments, 2010-2013

Vans x Street Machine

The Vans X Street Machine collection is an homage to iconic Copenhagen skate spots …

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Shoes, 2012

The Sketchbook Book

I often start a sketchbook thinking I am going
to start drawing again, only this time I will
do it for real, draw everything around me, the
people, the scenery, and the city …

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Personal Book, 2010

Various Logos

Various logos & icona.

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Identity, 2010-12

Sound Of Copenhagen

Contemplating Copenhagen as a tourist attraction making a contrast to the underground music found on the record …

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Record Cover, 2010

Tiden Er Inde (Time's Up)

The plot: The grim reaper warns a man that he is about to die. The man make a run for it … But nobody out runs death.

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Animation short, 2010

How Are You?

An instrumental music project. All songs are made using toy keyboards as well as acoustic and electric guitars.

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Music, 2008-2009

Revolutionsromantik (Revolution Romance)

The song is very dreamy and the concept is based upon the prism of a kaleidoscope being triangular and reflective. The idea is to have two worlds where the verses represents the darker soroundings, of the love story that unfolds in the choruses …

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Music video, 2009